Corbyn plot

In the USA powerful supporters of the Republican party have often influenced the Democrats into selecting the weakest candidate for the presidency so they can then beat them.

That was, after all, what the Watergate burglary was all about. Is the Labour Party
membership being cynically steered into selecting Jeremy Corbyn by these right-wing scare stories in the press?

Every time you click on one of these 60-second history links about Jeremy Corbyn you only read about good things that 
everyone would want to support anyway, such as his opposition to the Iraq War and tuition fees.

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These are adverts in favour of Corbyn, not against him. By ignoring Andy Burnham and the others, certain newspapers are building amongst Labour members a huge internet support for a man who will not win an election. Clever isn’t it, but not very nice for the country?

Nigel F Boddy

Fife Road