Conference shows Scottish Labour’s past it

HAVING thrust off the sop­orific effects of the “Scottish” Labour Party Conference, I can only wonder at the total collapse of their political ­credibility.

Throughout they failed to come up with a single original constructive policy; this despite having the largest ­total of Scottish representatives from north and south of the Border present.

Their sole target was the SNP, whom they attacked relentlessly, even on policies beneficial to the people of Scotland.

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We witnessed a smirking Willie Bain, in interview, crassly declaring: “We must identify areas of social need!”. Open your eyes Willie! Your constituency is Springburn, one of the most deprived in the UK.

We saw a grinning Gordon Matheson, arch-squanderer of the Public Purse, quite unrepentant and whining for more to splatter on the walls of Glasgow.

Perhaps most damning of all, we saw the Miliband/Lamont­ love-in.

For a party which once embraced the hopes and dreams of the Scottish working class this was pathetic, and underlying it all was Labour’s acceptance of a besmirched donation to the “No Campaign”, after savaging the reputation of that very donor when he gave to the Tories.

The electorate must ask ­itself: is Labour’s hypocrisy endemic to their very core?

Joseph G Miller, Dunfermline