Commons sense

Why, in the 21st century, does the House of Commons, with 650 members, have seating for only 470? This is surely an insult to logic and a recipe for the ­seating rows we have all heard of recently.

Immediately after the Second World War, Frederick Sage & Co, specialist woodworkers, undertook a major restoration of many parts of the House of Commons. But, looking at the floorplan of the House, it is at once obvious that no effort was made to change any part of said floor; why no overdue rearrangement of the seating plan for members of parliament?

In a much-heralded ceremony on 26 October 1950, King George VI opened what was called “The New House of Commons”. Surely a misnomer?

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When, if ever, will the government, or Members of Parliament, insist on one seat per member.

Hardly a revolutionary idea.

Robert M Dunn

Oxcars Court