Common wealth

If the Yes campaign is successful, people living in Scotland, represented by their government, will take possession of the common wealth of that kingdom. This can be the basis of a new currency. The Scottish Government can issue and loan shares in this common wealth at will.

Unless this common wealth is maintained and developed, this currency will inflate, and that will put a brake on its issuance.

Unless Scots take this opportunity to free themselves from international usury, the Yes vote will be in vain.

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Alick Munro

Erncroft Way


Michael Prager (Letters, 10 September) used the phrase “foreign nation” in the context of the Bank of England acting as lender of last resort to Scotland.

He should note that, despite its misleading name, the Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom so Scotland has a right to representation in the management of its assets, liabilities and operations.

Peter Dryburgh

Newbattle Terrace