Commit to renew

Renewables were the biggest single source of electricity in Scotland in 2014, meeting the equivalent of almost half of our country’s electricity needs, and providing jobs and investment, energy security and helping us to tackle climate change.

Renewable energy also enjoys strong public support: a YouGov survey, published this week, finds that 79 per cent of Scottish adults want the next UK Government to continue to develop renewable energy – vastly outstripping public support for fracking, nuclear or fossil fuels.

We believe the next UK Government can secure further growth in the sector and benefits for our country by providing greater confidence to investors and supply chain companies to continue investing in the Scottish renewable energy sector beyond 2020. 

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To ensure this happens, we are calling on all political parties to commit to meeting the Committee on Climate Change’s fifth carbon budget, with the introduction of a 2030 target for decarbonising the UK electricity sector, as is already the case for Scotland, and provide clear aspirations for low carbon heat and transport.

The policies of the next UK Government will help define the future development of renewable energy sector in Scotland, and the benefits the industry will bring to our economy, society and environment.

We call on all political parties to commit to making the right decisions.

Niall Stuart

Scottish Renewables

Lang Banks

WWF Scotland

Richard Dixon

FOE Scotland