Cold comfort

Now that the dust has settled on the announcement of lower rail fares in Scotland, the reality of last week’s claim by First ScotRail of having ended split ticketing has a hollowness about it. The effect, as noted by First ScotRail, benefits 275,000 of the 81 million passengers annually carried.

Put another way, 99.7 per cent of us travellers will continue to pay through the nose, thanks to a fares system, the reform of which First ScotRail has consistently ducked in the decade the company has held the franchise.

These 99.7 per cent of us continue to be victims of a First ScotRail ticketing system that is pernicious and irrational. Now with the franchise nearing an end, First ScotRail gallantly rides to the rescue of us benighted 
passengers… all 0.3 per cent of us.

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Gordon Casely