Coal plant cuts are pointless

THE UK is being forced to close coal-fired generating plants by EU directives to 
reduce CO2 and thus save the planet.

Meanwhile, Germany is building 23 new coal-fired plants since their environmental minister said that Germany cannot rely on expensive subsidised and unreliable wind power.

Europe is now the largest importer of coal from the United States, with 56 million short tons.

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With China and India ravenous for energy and abundant coal reserves, they are building hundreds of new coal power plants.

The rest of the world will continue to burn coal, and lots of it, to grow their economies.

So much for “alternative” renewables and CO2 reduction in Europe and the rest of the world.

One question I have repeatedly asked but have never received a polite answer to: what difference will any reduction in UK emissions make 
on global emissions when the UK only contribute 1.5 per cent and Scotland 0.15 per cent?

And do not make me laugh by claiming “Where we lead, others will follow.”

Clark Cross, Linlithgow