Climate honeypot

The green brigade, especially those with financial interests in the climate change honeypot, are desperate for an agreement at the UN Climate Change conference in Paris in December. Expect an increasing number of warnings of the three horsemen of the apocalypse as December approaches.

Fewer than 50 countries out of the total of 194 have so far made a commitment but these are irrelevant since they are not legally binding.

Another unpublicised commitment is that rich nations will provide $100 billion every year in “climate finance” to poor nations – another ongoing and endless drain on UK taxpayers.

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The UK and Scotland are the only countries in the world to have legally binding climate change acts.

This makes no sense whatsoever unless other countries also have meaningful legally binding caps on their CO2 emissions.

The recent statement by the Energy Secretary Amber Rudd that Britain’s climate policy will “travel in step with what is happening in the rest of the world” is therefore welcome although long overdue.

If the countries attending the Paris summit fail to agree legally binding targets then the UK must immediately repeal the Climate Change Act 2008.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road