Climate claims

The need to dig a little deeper beyond pressure group press
releases and media headlines is illustrated by the litany of
climate impacts listed by Frank Donald (Letters, 15 August)

For example, it might surprise him to know that Antarctic sea ice extent is currently at a 34-year high, polar bear populations are significantly up from 50 years ago (currently stable or increasing, despite much publicity about one death), and the global number of hurricanes has been on a downward trend since the early 1990s.

Yet these facts do not fit the narrative of human-caused
“climate chaos”, as Mr Donald wishes to label it.

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It is untenable for Mr Donald to argue that big-picture global trends should be ignored in favour of selected weather events when considering the extent of human influence on climate.

I have expressed my concern to improve local response to changing climate impacts elsewhere (Letter, 15 August).

(Cllr) Cameron Rose

City Chambers