Clean living

Yes, Angus Brown is right (“Litter is a disgrace”, Letters, 19 June), but recently my daughter and I went on a course to Freuchie in the Howe of Fife, and we were not only impressed with our course, our instructors and our accommodation, but in the little town itself and the neighbouring villages.

In the evenings we walked around, admiring the gardens, and it became a competition to see which one of us could spot any litter or dog poo. It was 
almost impossible to find anything, although we once found a small receipt!

This was in stark contrast to the other side of the Forth at Cramond and Queensferry, an area I grew up in and knew well in the 1950s and 60s. My father always felt that these two 
places, with their history and iconic bridges, should be the jewels in the crown of Edinburgh’s tourism (outside of the city centre).

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Sadly, Queensferry’s promenade was litter-strewn, as was the start of the walk from the railway bridge back to Cramond – particularly disgusting!

One of our children was doing a charity event and had to run from the jetty, along the seafront to get to her bike – through the broken glass and mess.

The public toilets do not bear thinking about. Very sad in the presence of such feats of engineering and beauty.

Cramond was always a bit shabby chic, but lively. However, this time I found the area dull and dreich.

Again, there were horrible loos and litter. I could not help contrasting it with similar little villages visited in France. I was sad to see it looking worse than I had anticipated.

How does Freuchie do it? Can they pass on any tips on how to motivate residents and visitors alike to take a pride in the environment we all have to share?

Alison Pearson

Priors Reach