Clarity matters

Reading Andrew J Beck’s letter (10 July), I could not help wondering quite why he was confused by the Better Together campaign’s distancing itself from the Orange Order, while accepting contributions from some of Scotland’s landowners.

The latter is an organisation founded on and fuelled by religious intolerance, while landowners in Scotland are, by and large, not so tainted.

Should the Scottish electorate vote for independence, then I would be quite unsurprised if the spectre of sectarianism did rather more than raise its head, and we could find ourselves in a country riven by religious intolerance.

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It is still the case in large sections of the populace where one’s perceived religious affiliation has a very definite impact on one’s opportunities.

EP Carruthers



The Yes referendum campaign is being represented as getting £1 million from the Euromillion winners.

The real figure is £5.5m in total given to the SNP/Yes organisation.

Many letter writers do not seem to know this, and so quite unfairly lambast the No campaign for its money gathering.

Joe Darby