Circus skills

I see Alex Orr (Letters, 9 November) is writing with his EU hat on. I have often thought that Mr Orr has missed his calling. I picture him in a circus galloping round and round on two horses at once.

His left foot is firmly planted on the stallion Europe. Characteristics: big is best, togetherness is essential and laws are made for Scotland by unelected bureaucrats from other countries.

Meanwhile, his right foot controls the filly independence. Characteristics: small is best, separatism is essential and laws are made for Scotland in Scotland.

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I hope the horses don’t veer off in opposite directions because a painful outcome is guaranteed.

Ian Lewis

Mayfield Terrace


Alex Orr censures “Westminster and its growing determination to pursue isolationism and withdrawal”. Should we sneer at his failure to spot the irony of his statement or praise his sense of humour?

(Dr) A McCormick

Kirkland Road