Church mysteries

Cardinal O’Brien got it right in his statement issued before the storm broke, when he urged the Catholic Church to do 
away with the vow of celibacy required for the priesthood.

In this day and age it is naive in the extreme to believe that this would result in anything other than making the 
Catholic Church a haven for

It is beyond belief that any 
organisation nowadays can knowingly protect paedophiles by moving them to an other area when their criminal 
behaviour is discovered, so that they can carry on as before in pastures new. Are they above 
the law?

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The biggest mystery to me is why women have anything whatsoever to do with an organisation that is totally governed and controlled by men – and old unmarried men at that.

What guidance or advice can they possibly be given about family life?

How do they tell their daughters that with talent and application they can be anything in life – except of course be Pope.

The Church should listen to its ex-Cardinal and make 
Catholic children safer from abuse by recruiting married men and women to the priesthood.

Bill McKenzie

Rullion Road