Christian option

Political parties are not articulating the philosophies that underpin their policies. Welfare reform reflects the view that people should be responsible for the conduct of their personal lives. Liberalism is grounded in an optimistic interpretation of human nature.

Behind today’s progressive politics is an agenda which seeks to replace long-standing institutions such as monarchy and aristocracy, and also militarism and imperium.

Christian churches are considered to be props of the current order requiring ostracisation and abandonment in a future atheist collectivist state.

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There are genuine causes for discontent throughout the United Kingdom symbolised by food banks. Government, Westminster, London are seen to be disconnected from the lives of many. Christianity offers its own perspectives, practical empathy with the poorest, criticism of false equalities, higher vision for human life, restraining influence on political megalomania.

(Rev Dr) Robert 

Blackburn & Seafield Churches

Blackburn, West Lothian