Charity thrives

The statements made by Richard Baker MSP about the negative effect independence will have on Scottish charities (your report, 3 January) have been exposed by other contributors for what they are: a silly scare story by someone who should, and probably does, know better.

I have to say that though the scare has no substance, the article itself was very balanced, demonstrating that our third-sector representatives are a canny bunch and not easily conned.

Alan Oliver and C Hegarty have made the necessary responses to Mr Baker’s assertions (Letters, 4 January).

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The point made by the latter regarding the generosity of donors in Scotland struck a particular chord with me and took me back to a time many years ago when I was employed by the RSSPCC (now Children 1st) and that organisation and the NSPCC were simultaneously celebrating their centenaries.

One of my most interesting, deeply challenging, but ultimately satisfying roles was to negotiate the repatriation of significant sums of money which had been donated to the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children in the erroneous belief that they provided a child protection service in Scotland. Plus ca change?

Douglas Turner

Derby Street