Charity overload

When shopping this week at TK Maxx I was offended when, while paying for my purchases, I was asked if I wanted to give a £1 donation to Cancer 

I think this is totally inappropriate. If I want to give to charity I will, however I do not expect to be asked to do so when I am shopping.

Could people who find it difficult to say no feel pressurised into donating, even if they don’t want to, thinking they should give after they have spent a lot of money on clothes?

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As shoppers we are surrounded by charities with their begging bowls outs.

The high streets are overcrowded with zealous chuggers and we are bombarded with expensive, manipulative adverts on the television, mailshots and phone calls.

When are charities going to learn that enough is enough and once-keen givers are being sickened of overkill marketing tactics? They will lose the very people they are trying to reach.

I, for one, will not go to this shop again.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square