Charge Europe for Qatada costs

GERALD Warner is losing his bite: time was when he would have mercilessly disembowelled our spineless politicians for reducing our nation to an impotent sideshow (“Qatada carry-on shows Britain’s finished as a sovereign nation”, Insight, 22 April).

All that need be said is that Qatada entered Britain on a false passport: he should therefore have been deported immediately that became known. In whatever intervening period he should have received no state benefit whatever, while the idea of his receiving funding for legal costs against our attempts to send him home is completely insane.

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We are not responsible for any other country’s claimed injustice and intolerance, religious or otherwise, and the appropriate response to the European Court of Human Rights’ decision that we can’t send him back to Jordan because of such fears should be for them to find a solution where the problem originated.

Meanwhile, we should be charging the same ECHR for the costs of keeping him here, as that was their decision, not ours.

Robert Dow, Tranent