Charge drunks

At the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) annual conference, nurse Nykoma Hamilton said drunks should not be treated in Scotland’s accident and emergency departments because getting 
intoxicated “is no accident”. The conference suggested “drunk tanks” would curb the regular violence against medical staff.

What a sensible suggestion. One must wonder why our well-paid, well-pensioned politicians have not proposed this previously.

Drunks are clogging up the A&E, thus diverting nurses from more needy patients.

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These idiotic people are responsible for a third of A&E attendances and 40 per cent at the weekend.

The Scottish Government must give the hospital additional funds to set up these “drunk tanks” and legislation must be introduced so “residents” are charged at least £200 for their overnight stay.

This would quickly reduce A&E waiting times for genuine patients.

Drunks would quickly learn a lesson, but if not they would have £200 less to spend on alcohol.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road