Change is coming

In HIS letter (9 August) about last week's US court ruling on same-sex marriage, Kevin Tait starts by mentioning that the judge is gay. So what? Are black judges not qualified to rule on race discrimination cases? Are women judges not suitable to hear rape case appeals?

The court examined and rejected the argument Mr Tait makes - that marriage must be reserved to mixed-sex couples because it is about enhancing parental relationships. Mixed-sex couples who are unable to have children are not banned from marrying. Many marriages are childless. And any couple, mixed or same-sex, can apply to adopt a child in California. Following Mr Tait's own argument, therefore, marriage ought to be available to same-sex couples as well.

Not counting California, five US states allow same-sex marriage already, and the sky has not fallen there. In western Europe, seven of the countries around the UK already allow same-sex marriage, and the number is growing every year. Like the bans on mixed-race marriage half a century ago, the bans on same-sex marriage in US states will eventually and inevitably go.


Equality Network

Bernard Street, Edinburgh