Change inevitable

I HAVE always thought of Michael Kelly as an intelligent man. Now I’m not so sure. He states (Perspective, 22 August) that the No side is in favour of the status quo in the independence debate. That may be true, but surely he has the common sense to realise that the status quo will not be on offer.

After a No vote (God forbid!), within a very short space of time expect to see an alteration in the Barnett Formula, driven at least in part by the creeping privatisation of the NHS in England and Wales. Expect a reduction in the block grant over and above that of perhaps 2 or 3 per cent. That doesn’t sound much – probably the high millions or at worst low billions – but it all adds up. 

Westminster will be in a position to impose these cuts knowing we are powerless to stop them, and will remain unable to do anything about it for at least a generation.

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We can vote Labour at forthcoming general elections forever more, but since 1979, just reflect on how impotent a huge Scottish Labour majority has been against Thatcher and Major, and now Cameron and the Liberal Democrats.

It may be partly true that independence may be a step in the dark, but a Yes vote is essential to create a modern, vibrant country where my grandson and others like him can grow up with confidence in their future, and people of my generation can fade away with the knowledge we have left our society in a better state than we inherited it.

Malcolm Brown

Houldsworth Street

Blairhall, Fife

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