Champion needed

The Treasury report, titled “Opposition Costing Full Fiscal Autonomy” (your report, 28 March) would appear to be a very important and detailed analysis of Scotland having full fiscal autonomy and should merit careful examination.

The response to this report by the SNP and Stewart Hosie, its Deputy Leader, was that “the Lib Dems and Danny Alexander have no credibility whatsoever in Scotland” and no effort was made to respond to this report.

I feel Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has a lot of credibility, and many people of different political persuasions would agree because of the excellent work he has done for Scotland over the past five years.

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It is sad that the SNP cannot give credit where credit is due.

Unfortunately, in the run-up to the election the public will be subjected to a barrage of political rhetoric which will not be analysed or questioned by many sections of the media.

I hope The Scotsman can champion the role of Scotland’s people in being sceptical and questioning of politicians’ statements in an objective way over the coming weeks.

C Scott

Mortonhall Road