Cemetery shame

Alan McKinney (Letters, 21 February) quotes from the booklet on cemetery management. I also read this after our family headstone was removed.

We had the memorial re-erected and I met with council officials to check it met current standards. We were informed that, according to legislation, it would be checked every five years.

When making an appointment to have this done I was told it was not necessary. As I will be present at this inspection I am still waiting for the call to attend long after the stated time. Is this the council ignoring rules when the money has been spent?

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Mr McKinney suggests that in 20 years we will see Morningside Cemetery as it once was. Many of us saw it destroyed and forgotten by the council in one year, and the thought that we should be thrilled at this statement is rather sad.

In the meantime we continue to visit a cemetery which is a reflection of our modern-day lack of respect for those who gave service to communities, who served in wars and who were loved.

Doris M H Duff

Belmont Gardens