Cause and effect

I was interested to read your report (8 November) regarding the statements from security chiefs about the number of foiled terrorist threats.

A factor which did not seem to come into the equation was the cause of these terrorist threats.

The UK has acted over decades as the fawning poodle of the USA in that country’s attempts to turn the Middle East into a series of American client states.

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This form of neo-colonialism has been assisted by the British government. These actions, I would have assumed, would give even those of the meanest intelligence an understanding of why such terrorist threats exist.

To put it plainly, people do not like to be messed around. The peoples of the Middle East are no different to the rest of us in this respect.

People who are interfered with tend to react to that; most of us learned this at school. Stop supporting American neo-colonialism in the Middle East and terrorist threats will reduce. The additional bonus would be that British soldiers would not be killed in America’s wars.

R Mill Irving

Station Road

Gifford, East Lothian