Campaign bias

Fiona Campbell’s letter (29 April) brings home how some SNP politicians are being aided and abetted by senior civil servants who are not supposed to support one side of a political 

I too attended a Scotland’s 
Future public discussion event. This one was in Kirkcaldy on Monday with Fiona Hyslop MSP and the format was the same as that described by Ms Campbell.

Having read about as much as I can stomach of the 650-page Scotland’s Future, the only conclusion must be that it is pure SNP propaganda festooned with rosy assertions, projections and assumptions with not a shred of honest logical analysis.

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Copious end notes give it a 
veneer of intellectual respectability until you realise they are just cherry-picked and distorted to suit the SNP.

Ms Campbell is quite right to be outraged that the Scottish taxpayer is paying for all this but I would point out that it is really the British taxpayer who has to foot the bill. The same can be said for free further education and free care for the elderly.

Alan Meiklejohn

West Albert Road