Cameron’s folly

PRIME Minister David Cameron’s remark that “money is no object, we are a wealthy nation, in this relief work” will surely come back to haunt him.

Naturally, one is glad that flood victims along the Thames etc will get the help they need, but is Mr Cameron’s response perhaps spurred by the need to keep in with Tory voters there?

What about the poor, jobless, ill and crippled demonised by his government’s persecution of welfare recipients?

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If we really are a wealthy
nation, surely we can afford to be generous to them, too?

Jeremy Godwin

Drovers Lane

Penrith, Cumbria

Almost every broadcast journalist on television covering the English floods appears to be kitted out in designer wellies, standing in knee-high water talking to camera just as a few token swans paddle past in the background.

Are the media drafting in these graceful birds in a crass attempt to make what is anything but look idyllic?

Judi Martin



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