Buttery bonus

I am sorry to learn that a visitor to our bonny capital was unable to locate that Aberdeen delight, the buttery (Letters, 30 June).

Had he the time to go to Morrisons (at the Gyle shopping centre for example, bus and tram service available!) he would have found delicious four-packs of these lard-laden breakfast beauties, freshly made and selling for £1.20 per pack. Though I am not a fan myself, an elderly friend of Aberdeenshire birth swears they are the finest she has tasted outside their home town.

Well done, Morrisons! Just odd that Ant and Dec never mention them in the TV ads…

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S Duthie


If Roy McIntosh had visited any of the Aldi stores before he left the Kingdom he would have found delicious butteries sold by a company at the forefront of promoting Scottish products.

Liz MacColl

Victoria Road

North Berwick