Business case

It’s hard to believe that anyone running a business in Scotland would contemplate voting to leave the UK if any of their business crosses the Border to England or Wales or Northern Ireland.

Import duties, export licences and declarations will probably apply just as now when businesses deal with countries outwith the European Union.

A separate Scotland will be outside the EU until all member states agree to its application to join, which may or may never happen.

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In the meantime, all our businesses here in Scotland will be encumbered by more bureaucracy to simply carry on their day-to-day business with our former friends of the UK.

Companies which buy, for example, computer and office equipment for resale in Scotland from companies headquartered in England may suddenly find obstacles they never encountered before. No-one really knows the complexities which will come to our door, so how anyone in their right mind would take a leap in the dark for an idealistic dream which is likely to turn into a nightmare is truly bewildering.

The Yes campaigners will do and say anything for your vote to reach their goal of separation.

I was astounded to hear a supporter from the business community on Radio 4’s Today programme say that Scottish businesses are discriminated against by our worldwide embassies and consulates because they are charged for the support services whereas English businesses are not.

He was either telling a barefaced lie or, like much of the rest of the Yes men and women, wearing uninformed blinkers blinded by a blue and white flag.

Let’s not forget that the Jim McColls, Brian Souters and their ilk can swan off to their foreign tax havens when they see the ceiling crashing down, the rest of us will have to bear the brunt of their foolish advice.

Stan Hogarth

Palmerston Place