Bullying tactics

As a Better Together campaigner someone put it to me recently that you see plenty of Yes stickers on the windows of houses and cars but hardly anything showing support for the No campaign, and this shows how well the Yes camp is really doing.

I believe it is indicative not of any lack of support for the No campaign, but of the undue influence a small loony fringe in the separatist camp is having in the run-up to the referendum.

The fact is very many ordinary people I have spoken to who are not activists but who support the Union say that they are unwilling to display any pro-Union material for fear of getting a “brick through the windae”.

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What a sad state of affairs when people are afraid to let their views be known in this traditional way, or indeed to speak up, for fear of reprisals.

My message is don’t be intimidated by the separatist bullies. If you support the No campaign display your message proudly and boldly.

Those you may fear should by now realise that their well-
publicised aggressive, vitriolic stance is totally counter-
productive, driving more and more people towards a No vote.

Barry Turner

Better Together