Broken promise

I find it odd that no one has picked up on the broken promise made by Nicola Sturgeon. She promised that every person with ability leaving school would have the right to a free education.

This does not appear to apply to the 100,000 students who have been denied places at our further education colleges. This is a broken promise for which she has not apologised, so far.

In the TV debate on the BBC at the beginning of the week, chaired by James Cook, questions were being taken from the floor.

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One question asked by Professor Hugh Pennington from Aberdeen, was about why the Scottish Government had cut his funding.

Nicola Sturgeon made no attempt to answer the question and James Cook did not press her for an answer. We were led to believe by the SNP that our universities would be fully funded. Are other further education colleges and universities being under-funded but are afraid to speak up?

If this is also a broken promise relating to education by the SNP we deserve to be told.

C Scott

Mortonhall Road