British values

Joyce McMillan and George Kerevan (Perspective, 13 September) give good examples of British institutions that once glued the UK together being dismantled, sold off or closed down.

The Royal Mail, when hived off to private investors, will no doubt pass into overseas hands and its owners will have no interest in its traditions or quality of service.

The BBC long ago ceased to be a broadcaster of high quality in its relentless pursuit of ratings. Twenty years ago, its premier talk show host was Michael Parkinson, now it is Graham Norton; enough said. Elsewhere, we see Britain’s armed forces diminishing in numbers with each passing year and the English NHS being slowly privatised. Even British pop music, once the envy of the world, is now a shadow of its former self.

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Apart from a discredited political structure, the monarchy – which divides opinion – and our annual lowly placing in the Eurovision song contest, what is there actually left to be British about?

Gavin Fleming

Websters Land

Grassmarket, Edinburgh