Bright sparks

Your article, “Electric car for Edinburgh City Car Club” (14 November), was incorrect in its statement that the planned introduction of an electric car (EV) in Edinburgh by the club would be the first of its kind in the UK.

Electric cars are already in circulation with Co-wheels Car Club across the UK in a number of 
locations since 2012.

Here in Scotland, Co-wheels, a national social enterprise and the largest EV car club operator in the UK, was the first to deploy such vehicles in May with a Mitsubishi iMiev, in Aberdeen.

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This was soon followed by a further three Nissan Leafs in the Granite City, which has become the fastest growing car club location in the UK. Further deployment of EVs took place in Dundee in October and there are plans to roll out even more electric cars across Scotland with Dunbar, Dumfries and other locations likely to see vehicles on the streets next year.

Fundamental to this roll out has been the support of Transport Scotland’s Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme, which has provided funding and technical support through its agents and industry accreditation organisation Carplus.

Much praise is also due to Aberdeen City Council whose proactive approach to helping develop a low-carbon car club is leaving the capital city and its City Car Club far behind.

Sorry Edinburgh, but on this occasion you are old news!

Tony Archer

Co-wheels Car Club