Both sides

I would like to take issue with various points made by Euan Bremner (Letters, 11 July).

While Richard Dawkins is universally agreed to be a brilliant scientist, many would say he is a ropey philosopher, prone to unsupported assertion and invective/ridicule in lieu of reasoned argument, especially when discussing religion.

On the other hand, rather than merely swallowing “propaganda”, as Euan Bremner claims, Christians are instructed by their Scripture “always to be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15) – a rational justification of their faith. But to do this with gentleness and respect.

Also, Mr Bremner voices the opinion that the Christian children who claim that their faith is being mocked at school must have closed minds as a result of propaganda.

He contrasts this assertion by implying that his upbringing has led him to be open-minded, rather than indoctrinated in religion or politics.


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If this claim is justified, I wonder whether he has ever seriously considered the rational case for the central claims of Christianity.

He must know that there is no shortage of evidence, both for and against, especially as more books have been written about a certain Palestine peasant who was killed on a cross, than on any other person in history.

If he remains as relatively open-minded as he suggests, I would humbly recommend that he might do a lot worse than referring to a recent book called Magnificent Obsession by a certain David Robertson.

Lindsay C F Watt


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