Bored witless

I AM, I suspect, one of a sizeable silent proportion of the Scottish population who has never had any wish for an independence referendum and is bored witless by the tiresome trading of the same stale old arguments by both sides.

I endured ten minutes of Monday night’s “debate” between Messrs Darling and Salmond ­before switching off in frustration at what was little more than a contest to see who could shout louder.

By effectively drowning out Alistair Darling’s answers, Alex Salmond looked be bulldozing his way to “victory” on that front. As someone with no strong political convictions, my lack of interest is down to more straightforward reasons. Quite simply, I like being British.

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Having lived and worked 
in England, I like the English 
people and feel as much affinity to a citizen of, say, Manchester, as I do to somebody living in Dundee.

As Scots, we enjoy a long-standing and often inspirational shared history with England and I have no desire to see that relationship ended.

Roll on 18 September when, fingers crossed, this wearisome issue will be put to bed by a No vote and we can all get back to normal.

J M Mellor

Westburn Road

The recent debate ( if you can call it that), was not the most edifying of spectacles, with the “winner” seeming to be the one who shouted the loudest.

As it was broadcast to the rest of the UK, it did not make a good impression, and they may be glad to see the back of us, on this ­display!

William Ballantine

Dean Road, Bo’ness,

West Lothian