Borders economy

You missed the most vital point the article on the Waverley railway project (your report, 10 July). The focus should be on the viability of the Waverley Line and its potential benefit to the whole of the Borders, rather than concentrating on a schoolboy spat.

The fact is that the Waverley line will only benefit people wishing to move to the Borders to commute to Edinburgh, causing the Borders to become a commuter region.

Now that would be (in the words of Jeremy Purvis MSP) "stupid" and would "drive a wedge in the region".



Eyemouth, Berwickshire

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It is sad that the subject of the planned Borders railway has been used as a political football ever since its inception.

Wouldn't it have been more acceptable if a realistic study had been made of the real positive benefits, or otherwise, to the Borders economy?

The Borders area is crying out for new businesses and jobs. At the moment there is a road system unsuited to carrying heavy goods along with the ever increasing volume of private vehicles.

There is to be a train which will be of no use to those in the south or east of the Borders and which will not carry freight.

The estimates for house building and passenger forecasts have allegedly been downgraded (your report, 10 July).

So what are the benefits to the Borders' economy? What company would bring a new business here?