Borderline case

Colin Fox says immigrants “are net contributors to the economy of the UK” (Letters, 27 March). Labour’s Frank Field and Tory backbencher Nicholas Soames have stated that Britain must cut immigration before our population reaches an unsustainable 70 million. The Office of National Statistics revealed that nearly 200,000 babies were born to immigrant mothers. Migration Watch UK reported that 65,000 houses would have to be built every year specifically for immigrants. Maternity units and primary schools are struggling to cope.

Mr Fox says immigrants “enrich our economy and society”. Would that be the 11,127 foreign prisoners from 156 countries? Would that be the sham marriages to get welfare benefits and housing?

Far from being “nutters and closet racists” people, including large numbers from the ethnic communities, want to halt all immigration. An e-petition, “Stop mass immigration from Bulgarian and Romanians in 2014”, has attracted 140,058 signatures, triggering a debate in parliament on 22 April.

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Net contributors to the economy? In order for a family man to pay more in taxes than he gets in welfare benefits and social housing he has to earn £28,000 a year. How many immigrants earn this?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road