Bone to pick

May I put Mr Clark Cross’s mind at rest (Letters, 9 November): my housing association door (I am not yet reduced to living in a kennel) was not in the slightest rattled by his correspondence.

If anything, judging by his most recent, rather petulant, letter, he is more rattled than I was. Subtlety, it seems, is not his forté.

I was merely attempting to point out that generalisation is unfair both as regards disliking dogs and tarring all social housing tenants with the same brush. Placing a blanket ban would mean the majority of responsible social housing tenants would have to put their companion animals down.

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It is not only social housing tenants who are irresponsible dog owners.

If Mr Cross had stopped to think, he would realise I only raised the points where I took issue with him.

Of course, I support the Dangerous Dogs Act and am against aggressive dogs being used as macho accessories but he is wrong to say I deliberately ignored this. One child killed by a dog is one too many.

It was in this regard I pointed out that when getting a puppy I have always gone to a reputable breeder with safe bloodlines. I have always found that responsible breeders ask as many questions of me as I do of them.

Mr Cross may now remove his tongue from his cheek when I assure him that at my advanced age I am no “paragon of virtue”. Finally, having disagreed with Mr Cross, may I say that I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Guy Chappell’s letter (same day) regarding children’s relationships with dogs.

John Murdoch

Aldour Gardens