Blown about

Judith Gillespie (Letters, 1 May)is sadly misguided if she thinks that The Sun’s recent headlines suggest a link between the 
Conservative Party and the SNP. It is well known, to most 
of us anyway, that that publication (I hesitate to call it a newspaper) waits until it sees what way the wind is blowing, and then backs that party, so that it can claim to have backed the winning side.

I fear that Mrs Gillespie (no relation) will take little comfort from the fact.

Fraser Gillespie

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Bonhill Road


Judith Gillespie is wrong in suggesting that it is SNP/Tory mutual self-interest behind The Sun’s headlines. There is self interest involved but it belongs entirely to Rupert Murdoch, the main influence in the newspaper group.

It is more anti-Labour than anything else. Apart from a brief flirtation with Mr Blair, Mr Murdoch has always been critical of Labour and the unions.

Bruce D Skivington


Gairloch, Wester Ross