Blast of wind

THERE were some great letters giving the truth about wind energy today (22 June).

The noise of squealing we can hear is simply the death throes of a scam perpetuated by the ignorance and hubris of politicians, combined with the greed of wealthy landowners, even wealthier corporations and, most nauseating of all, those pseudo-environmental organisations such as FoE, WWF and Greenpeace, who are all on the gravy train.

They should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for the damage, both environmental and economic, that they have inflicted on the country whilst lining their pockets, nursing their massive egos and feeding a compliant media with lies and deceptions about the benefits of their scam.

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And let’s hope the end of the ROC scheme for new projects is just the start of their pain.

Alan Thomson

Kilcamb Paddock


In his letter criticising the ending next year of subsidies to onshore wind developments, Prof Paul Younger claims onshore wind comparison with fossil fuel is unfair because fossil fuel usage should bear the costs associated with carbon emissions (Letters, 18 June). It should be noted that these latter costs arise from political decisions arising from climate change being blamed on human  activity. 

Even if one accepts this is the case, it makes no sense for us in the UK/Scotland to burden ourselves by trying to restrict our use of fossil fuels. China is commissioning a new coal-fired generating plant every 14 days and any reductions in carbon emissions which we might achieve are piffling in comparison with the additions from the Chinese activity. Why should we increase the energy costs to retail and domestic users and to industry struggling to compete in competitive markets, all for no good economic reason ?


Burnbrae Avenue