Blame volcanoes

A study by scientists from the Met Office, British Geological Survey and the universities of Leeds, Edinburgh and others concluded that Britain’s greatest future threat may not come from flooding, terrorism or economic collapse but from a supervolcano erupting in Iceland.

There was a huge volcanic eruption in 1783 within the Grimsvotn volcanic complex in eastern Iceland and records show that after this eruption there was extreme heat in the summer of 1783, followed by an exceptional cold winter in the northern hemisphere, unusual thunderstorms, ball lightning and large hailstones.

This study shows just how puny are mankind’s attempts to control the climate.

Computer models predicting the rate at which temperatures would rise from 1998 onwards failed to take into account the considerable impact volcanoes have in lowering temperatures and this is belatedly given as the reason for no warming for 16 years.

There are 30 active volcano systems in Iceland and more than 500 active volcanoes in the world.

The West has wasted tens of billions of pounds to prevent 
global warming when Mother Nature does it for us.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road