Black Friday: import we can do without

Am I the only one who felt immensely saddened on seeing reports of riots and clamouring in the big retail shops on so-called “Black Friday” – the latest unwanted import from America?

Was the degrading, desperate and unseemly display by mobs of people, frenzied at the prospect of more possessions at cut prices, which they may or may not need, a symptom of greed, or poverty, or out-of-control consumerism, or what?

It seems to me we can do without this latest contribution from across the pond serving to highlight how far down the road we have come, urged on by government to spend our way out of recession, conned by the multi-
national companies that rule our planet into thinking more stuff will make us happy.

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I feel ashamed to be part of a society that has come to this point, juxtaposed as this phenomenon is with the escalating use of food banks and the ever-growing poverty and hunger in the developing world, particularly as climate change unfolds.

Surely we are better than this? Let’s tell Black Friday to go back to where it came from so that we can hang on to a bit of integrity!

Ettie Spencer


Dunbar, East Lothian

I was utterly appalled by the loutish behaviour among some shoppers on Friday, advertised as Black Friday – an import from America that we could well do without.

The scenes of anarchy, greed and disrespect for others, with police getting involved and some stores having to close as a result, was very distressing to watch. Is this what this country has come to? As well as the greed of society, I blame the stores for this. They hyped up these events and opened the doors with no queuing structure in place: this was asking for trouble.

Who is going to pick up the bill for policing this chaos? I hope the stores get sent a big bill like football clubs do. They can well afford it.

It was a Black Friday indeed as we saw humanity at its lowest point. I hope lessons will be learned from this.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square


I have witnessed news items on television reporting on the public’s reaction to the bargains available at large stores on Black Friday.

In many of the TV reports, the footage looked more like a mob rioting and looting shops.

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It certainly is not an ideal start to the season of peace and goodwill.

I hope the corporate sales strategy is reviewed before next year to prevent a potential fatality.

Peter Farquhar

Mayshade Road