Bin poverty tales

IN THE seven years that the council tax has been frozen, we the people that pay this tax have been regaled with forecasts of mass unemployment of council workers, forecasts of minimal services and the dreadful effects on the poorest in society.

As I walk around Edinburgh, I am surprised to see on almost every street corner new signposts pointing the way to walkways, paths etc. I see also work being undertaken to improve Drumbrae, Orchard Brae and Clermiston hill. These and the many projects undertaken by this council and the great white elephant – the trams – belie the hardship stories.

Then comes possibly the silliest decision of all, to reduce bin sizes to “hammer home” local councils’ recycling plans (your report, 12 July). Do these people remember that they are elected by us? Please, no more harrowing poverty stories and thank you to the SNP for freezing the council tax for seven years. Keep up the good work.


Broomhall Loan