Better together

For the electorate to be served, only a coalition between the two parties receiving the most votes on 7 May would be effective, and that would be between Conservative and Labour.

Otherwise – apart from an outright majority – one major party clings to office with the support of a minority party, but is constantly impeded by that party, which has no mandate to represent the electorate, and probably no ability to do so either.

The present coalition between Conservatives and Liberals has shown how the Liberals have acted as a brake on our economic recovery by gaining ideological concessions that don’t achieve anything and cost money we don’t have.

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Our economic plight is now desperate. We continue to live beyond our means, and Britain is kept afloat by redeeming old gilts from the sale of new gilts – a giant Ponzi scheme, in effect. Time for reality rather than ideology.


Gamekeepers Road