Better still …

If the Better Together campaign triumphs in the independence referendum, as seems likely, it would seem logical to abolish the Scottish Parliament (your report, 13 January), thereby making us closer to the British one and presumably even better still.

This would save further expenditure, not just on the building at Holyrood but also on all that goes on inside it.

The money saved would then be available to support vital institutions such as the House of Lords, to which Alistair Darling and other eminent Scots will no doubt be admitted before long. The Holyrood site would surely be attractive to developers, who are always seeking to create five-star hotels in Edinburgh, and they would meet the conversion/ demolition costs.

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Right. Next problem?

S Beck

Craigleith Drive


Proposals to demolish the Holyrood parliament building are afoot. May I suggest an alternative – as a central Edinburgh tram depot.

Tom Reilly

Esslemont Road