Better by design

I was greatly amused to see 
Richard Lucas, Ukip candidate and outspoken member of Solas, the Centre for Public Christianity, complaining (Letters, 10 December) about “dogmatic feminists employing their customary lexical armoury of rights, prejudice and discrimination” around the crime of breast-feeding in public.

I am certain the irony of his statement will be utterly lost on him. The simplest expression of disagreement with any Christian viewpoint in Scotland elicits an immediate response that is wholly centred around the proclamation of rights, discrimination and prejudice.

Perhaps Mr Lucas feels that these are the sole preserve of “persecuted” Christians and not breast-feeding mums.

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I recall that Mr Lucas is a supporter of “creationism in a lab coat”, Intelligent Design. Might his chosen God have designed the female form better, such that women doing the most natural thing in the world might have been able to do so in a manner less offensive to his prudish 

Alistair McBay

National Secular Society

Atholl Crescent


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