Belief in God

Such vehement insistence that there is no God got me wondering who David Fiddimore (Letters, 11 December) is trying to convince: the nation or himself.

In my experience those who call themselves “atheists” have a troubled conscience, the voice of which they seek to silence with irrational outbursts denying their Creator. It doesn’t work because human reason, when objectively exercised, cannot escape the conclusion that God does in fact exist.

For the believer, God created the order and beauty of the universe and of nature. For the atheist, the general theory is that once upon a time there was a Big Bang from which matter appeared and organised itself into highly complex systems by a series of random accidents.

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And from this organised chaos, life sprung from non-life and eventually became intelligent.

Considering the devastating aftermath of the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan, it should not be difficult to work out which side offers the more rational explanation for human existence and which side is on a par with those who believe in fairies.

Martin Blackshaw

Glen Road


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