BBC no more

I WAS surprised and disappointed at the disingenuous nature of the SNP culture secretary Fiona Hyslop’s comments last week. She sought to give the impression that Scots need not worry about voting for independence as our enjoyment of the BBC would not change.

The reality is that Scotland would no longer have the five BBC TV channels and the seven radio stations. Instead, we would have a Scottish broadcasting service. This new organisation would then purchase one or two BBC programmes – EastEnders according to the First Minister and Doctor Who, according to the Yes Scotland campaign and “Steve Wright in the afternoon” according to Fiona Hyslop – but we would lose the rest of the BBC output.

For £12 a month we get £3.4 billion of BBC programmes, yet the Scottish part of the licence fee raises only £320 million. I don’t mind the SNP’s dislike of the British Broadcasting Corporation; I do dislike it trying to hoodwink the electorate.


Drumbrae South