BBC decline would shock Whitehouse

DANI Garavelli is probably quite sincere in her portrayal of Mary Whitehouse (Real Lives, 6 June). But I see her differently. I think she was a brave woman.

Mary believed that the BBC was corrupting the very society it was supposed to serve. I thought she was right at the time and subsequent events support my view.

The BBC under Hugh Carleton Greene as director-general pilloried Mary for objecting to programmes she thought indecent. He probably thought he was being progressive, but in fact he was merely encouraging immoral behaviour. He was also encouraging cruel treatment of Mary which she bore with great courage.

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The present state of society is clearly corrupt. In the past when people committed adultery or sodomy, took drugs or procured abortions, or politicians lied and cheated and stole, their behaviour was regarded with disapproval. Nowadays such behaviour is encouraged and excused by the BBC.

The BBC used to be a pillar of integrity, but now even Mary Whitehouse would be astonished at how low it has sunk.

John Kelly, Edinburgh