BBC bias obvious

I was pleased to see that TV executive David Elstein believes that Scotland is being “short-changed” by the current BBC set-up (your report, 28 October).

Apart from the regular use of “England” and “English” instead of “Britain” and “British”, there are other indications that this organisation is anglocentric, and it regularly demonstrates that English chauvinism is alive and well.

News output is a perfect example. I started to keep a record of the news items that were suffixed by “in England” but these were too numerous and frequent. Arguably, these reports should be broadcast in local news programmes in the same way as we have a Scottish news, or there should be a balancing of the content to reflect the situation in the rest of the UK.

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Editors clearly must be assuming that the items will be of interest to the rest of the UK or feel that English people living in Ireland, Scotland and Wales need to receive the information. This would be fine if the same consideration was given to the many Irish, Scots and Welsh living in England.

If you raise these matters with the BBC, you get the usual PR speak response which amounts to “We can do no wrong”.

Alistair McEwen

Cramond Brig Toll