Barren uplands

Basil Dunlop (Letters, 19 May) is correct to point out that broadleaved regeneration is occurring at Ryvoan in the Cairngorms – indeed, broadleaves, (birch, rowan, willow and others) are growing spectacularly well there, along with Scots pine, and illustrate what happens when grazing pressure is reduced in an area with a sufficient seed source. What my initial letter unfortunately did not make clear is that it is elsewhere, in other areas remote from that seed source near Ryvoan, that that broadleaved regeneration is “missing”.

It is in those remote areas where I believe some planting is appropriate, both to kick-start later regeneration by providing a seed source and to encourage continued reductions in grazing pressure. Indeed it is an urgent necessity, in the face of the looming threat of climate change, to clothe our barren uplands with native woodlands more rapidly than some might otherwise prefer, so as to increase resilience, reduce erosion and flooding and to sequestrate carbon.

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Roy Turnbull

Nethy Bridge