Bang to rights

Like a number of correspondents who replied to my letter (12 December), David Fiddimore (Letters, 15 December) seems lost to the analogy I made between the Big Bang and the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan.

My intention was to demonstrate by the example of Japan that atheistic belief in a Big 
Bang birth to the universe runs contrary to both established 
scientific principles and human experience.

Explosions result in death, destruction and chaos, not order, beauty and life. I trust the point is now clear.

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What is perhaps less clear is how atheists come to deny their creator, whose existence accords with the evidence of science and is demonstrable in nature and history, in favour of irrational alternatives. The clue lies, I believe, in their intolerant, often offensive, anti-God public outbursts.

Such manifestations are not borne of objective reasoning. They are, however, consistent with a troubled conscience. This has been my experience from correspondence exchanges with atheists over many decades.

Martin Blackshaw

Glen Road

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